DLP Real Estate Management Response To PROSPER South Bend Apartment Fire

Compassionately Helping Our Residents in Times of Need

DLP Real Estate Management continues to assist residents after a fire broke out at the PROSPER South Bend Apartment community overnight on the evening of July 3, 2020. Approximately, 32 apartment homes out of the 739 units, were affected by the fire.

The management team at PROSPER South Bend was immediately notified of the fire at which time staff members made themselves available for residents, along with The American Red Cross who responded to the scene and provided overnight lodging as well as other relief items. Team members were on hand to help displaced residents from those early morning hours and throughout the holiday weekend, including a PROSPER South Bend employee who purchased diapers at 3 A.M. from a local store.

On July 4, 2020, residents received an email notification concerning the incident. PROSPER South Bend management set up a donation station located inside the community clubhouse, asking non-displaced residents for household items and clothing for those affected by the fire. PROSPER South Bend is grateful to its many residents who responded quickly and generously with clothing, food, bedding, and more. Individuals and families in need were and continue to be welcome to take any and as many items as they needed.

Amy Barricelli, Senior VP Revenue Acceleration commented, “Donations continue to pour in, not only from our generous residents but also from those in the South Bend community, including Chivo’s Pizza, a local restaurant. Those residents who have been affected by the fire continue to pick up donations and greatly appreciate the help during this difficult time in their lives. As always, the DLP Real Estate Management team will continue to assist our residents and provide care and compassion in order to meet their immediate needs.”

Several examples of generosity include:

  • Bed and sofa donated by a PROSPER South Bend resident.
  • Chivo’s Pizza has volunteered to provide meals for the residents for the next month.
  • Goodwill and The Salvation Army will provide vouchers for displaced individuals at their store locations.

If you are a business owner and would like to help those individuals and families who have been displaced by this incident, please  contact Barricelli (see contact information above).

The PROSPER South Bend apartment community as well as those living in South Bend have come together wholeheartedly to help fellow residents when they need it most. DLP PROSPER South Bend will continue to assist residents, making sure their immediate needs are taken care of as they move forward.

Amy Barricelli
Senior VP, Revenue Acceleration

Jennifer LoConte
PR & Communications Manager